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Get more info on the Moon Project


Some of your tasks have been already assigned. Use this Blog as a starting point to add links and start your own project about the moon and space. Follow the criteria page set out for you.

Each Blog will include:

  1. A quiz about the moon 20 questions (answers must be stored in google document)
  2. Diary entries for at least 3 days per week (these can be typed or written in journals and photographed and uploaded)
  3. A photo journal of all experiments carried out with documented data
  4. A movie of exercises for astronauts in space with explanations
  5. Pictures or movie of diorama with explanations
  6. Phases of the moon- graphing

If when you have finished your work and you would like to do something just for fun:

You can create your own planet.

  • Describe or create what it looks like using any technology you choose

  • It will need it's own language

  • A description of the environment and atmosphere

  • A description of who lives there and how they live (jobs, lifestyle)

  • A description of how time works on this planet
  • What do the people look like (use software and your face to create and example)

  • A story in the style of this planets people (e.g. like 'Dreamtime')

Each Blog will not include:

  • Personal information about you or others e.g. addresses, full names or phone numbers 
  •  Direct photos of you or friend faces unless Blog is set to private (password protected)
  • Anything that is not respectful e.g. language or websites
  • Anything that does not have to do with the subject of your project