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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

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Wave's journey through the North Pole
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What we do

Global School Net is one website that connects us with a world wide community of learners.

We get to chat, email, blog and speak by satellite phone or Skype live to the expert explorers we are following.

We can:

  • inquire about their journey
  • make health suggestions that may help them
  • research data for ourselves and post our findings
  • track their journey
  • do related science experiments
  • make movies of our learning 
  • journal our daily activities
  • write 'Dreaming' stories about space
  • learn about the planets
  • create our own virtual space world
  • engage in moon investigations and problem solving through simulations
  • report back and talk generally about the explorations
  • relate it to our world 

Each students creates their own blog page of all their questions, answers, pictures, discoveries and other investigations they take part in along the way.

They then attach these to home base. This blog.  You will get to share our journey as well by joining in discussions, watching student debates and experiments and add your posts commenting on your children's learning. Enjoy! 

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Try this 'ICEBREAKER' before you start

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